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I am constantly seeking the one, the one that takes my breath away. My ultimate love. My soul mate. The best burger in the world. I have travelled the world and found magnificent burgers but the best is a myth. There cannot be a best or we would all stop looking and we would feel robbed of the adventure. My burgers may not be the best in the world but neither is anybody else’s. Mine are fantastic patty melt style Burgers, fresh and oozing with taste. They are moreish and worth cherishing and too precious to be shared with anybody, even a unicorn. My burgers reflect my vision for that phenomenal fresh takeaway burger. The chicken is great because we triple cook it and use an open wood fire which gives that awesome smoky taste. Our ribs are double cooked and marinated three times before being finished on an open wood fire. The dogs that bark for themselves are specifically made for Harlem Kitchen with the best possible cuts of pork.


Fresh Wood Fired Fast Food
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